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Bank Owned Homes in Tampa Bay
Government Owned Homes in Tampa Bay
REO Homes in Tampa Bay

Are you looking for a great deal on a home in Tampa Bay. Now is the time to buy! Homes that have gone through the foreclosure process offer some of the best deals. Prices like we're currently seeing won't be around for too much longer, and when the market turns, we won't see homes priced this low again. HomeTrust Certified Foreclosure Specialists can help you identify the best values, and help you navigate the unique process of purchasing one of these types of homes. These homes may be bank owned, also referred to as REO (real estate owned) homes, or government owned homes, such as HUD or VA homes. They also may be REO homes owned by Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.

Defining Your Wants and Needs.

Individual Homebuyers
HomeTrust agents offer the knowledge and experience to help you choose the right home for you. We can even help you with financing, repairs, and other obstacles to purchasing these types of homes. We're dedicated to making to process of purchasing a bank owned home as easy as possible, and getting the best deal for you.

No more scouring dozens of websites, receiving inaccurate and outdated information. Our experts will provide you with lists of properties that meet your criteria, and keep you updated on any new homes that come on the market in the Tampa Bay area.

We are very experienced at helping investors analyze properties to make sure they provide the highest return possible. We can locate homes for you that net you high returns - 15% to 25% annually - and help you meet your goals. Some investors are interested in flipping homes, while others are interested in long term investments. We will work to help you achieve your objectives. 

Bank Owned Homes In Tampa Bay
These are homes that have been foreclosed on by the banks, and then placed on the market to allow the banks to recover their money from the failed mortgage. These homes are often sold in their as-is condition. Unless you are paying cash, it is often difficult to finance these properties due to their condition.

HomeTrust agents can help you secure financing to allow you to purchase these discounted homes, and help with fix up costs.

Government Owned Homes
These homes are almost always sold in their as-is condition. These include homes owned by HUD and homes owned by the VA.

HUD homes are homes that were purchased using an FHA-insured loan. When the homeowner defaults, the lender forecloses and takes the home back. The lender then gives the home to FHA in return for the insurance money. HUD, the parent agency overseeing FHA, then handles the sale of the property in order to re-coup as much of their losses as possible.

HomeTrust is a registered HUD Broker, and can help you purchase one of these properties. HUD homes are available to investors, 2nd home owners, as well as those who intend to purchase it as their primary residence (owner occupants). Owner occupants are normally given first change at purchasing a HUD property for the first 30 days it is placed on the market.

VA owned homes are generally treated just like bank owned homes, and are available to anyone to purchase.

Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Homes
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae purchase mortgages from banks, allowing banks to have the funds to make more mortgage loans. These REO homes are generally offered to owner occupants only for the first 15 days they are placed on the market. After the 15th day, if the home hasn't sold, the property then becomes available for anyone to place an offer on it.

HomeTrust understands what it takes to be a premier Tampa Bay real estate broker in helping all types of buyers purchase these types of properties.

Contact HomeTrust today and let us show you how we
can help in your purchase of these special properties!